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What is a sump pump and why do I need one?

Sump pumps are a cost-effective way to prevent major flood damage to your home and protect your valuables. A sump pump is an electric pump that is placed in the lowest point of your home (typically the basement) to prevent flooding. When excess water is present — either from heavy rainstorms, melting snow, or major groundwater seepage — water is diverted into a pit where the pump is located. When the water level reaches a certain point, the float valve on the sump pump activates the pump and the water is pumped from the pit, removing it from the home and preventing any flooding from occurring.

Complete Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

While sump pumps are typically reliable when maintained, it is in every homeowner's best interest to keep a close eye on them, especially in the spring with major snowmelt and increased precipitation levels. The most common causes of sump pump failure include: 

  • Becoming clogged with dirt, gravel and other debris
  • Motor failure
  • Incorrect sizing and/or installation
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