Sewer Camera Inspection in Waldorf

Sewer cameras in Waldorf are one of the most valuable tools in the plumbing and drain cleaning industry. Specifically designed to allow technicians to visually inspect the inside of pipes in real-time, sewer cameras are used to identify the cause of plumbing and drainage issues. Whether its root infiltration, pipe breaks, or pipe bellies, sewer cameras pinpoint the exact location of the problem for quicker, more accurate resolution.

How does a sewer camera inspection work?

Sewer camera inspections are typically performed by trained Sewer Experts. After the initial line has been opened, the camera is inserted into the pipe and fed through the line. Sewer cameras are flexible, so that they may follow the path of the piping. While the camera is progressing through the pipe, footage is transmitted back to the Sewer Technician in real time, allowing them to see the pipe condition on their monitor. Sewer camera inspections are typically performed when there is a problem in the home, as preventative maintenance, or during home sale transactions.

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