Gas Line Installation & Repairs in Waldorf

Many more homeowners are opting to switch to gas to fuel their homes and appliances. Clean, affordable and versatile — both natural gas and propane gas are an excellent option.

  • Gas is the single cleanest fossil fuel
  • Gas is typically 20% to 30% cheaper than oil and electric
  • Gas can be used in many home appliances
  • Gas systems won't stop working due to a power outage
  • Gas provides enhanced heating comfort and better temperature control

Sykes Services will provide complete gas line installation and repair in Waldorf. We understand the special safety requirements for working with gas, as improper installation or leaks in a gas line can be a major threat to your family and to your home. Whether you have an existing line you need serviced or expanded — or a completely new gas line run, our team has the knowledge and experience to ensure your project is completed safely and with care. Licensed and insured throughout the State of Maryland, our team can also work with you to secure the necessary permits and inspections to complete your gas line project.

Gas Line Emergencies

Gas leaks are a serious issue. If you suspect that your home may be in danger of a gas leak, call the fire department immediately. Once your home has been properly assessed and the gas has been shut down, Sykes Services can repair your gas line and work with your gas supplier to get your service restored.

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